Nature Improved

A unique approach to commercial landscaping

For over 30 years, RGS has been managing the commercial landscape needs of a wide variety of clientele throughout Southern California. From landscape maintenance to arbor care, RGS has experts in place to meet your needs. Our guiding values, company philosophy and vision have fostered unprecedented growth while creating opportunities for our employees and value for our clients.

Among our values are communication, commitment and consistency. Together, these three values create a framework that ensures that we are delivering the results our clients expect. Our values and philosophy are designed to ensure that you see us as a partner and, ultimately, as an expert, not just a contractor.

Our Credo

RGS has seven core values that define our corporate culture and how we interact with our clients and team.

People are our most important asset.
A reputation for honest, integrity and loyalty.
Attention to detail.
Dedicated to the needs of our residents, customers and investors.
A foundation of teamwork and respect.
Treat each property as if it were your own.
Quality work leads to fun, success and rewards.