Arbor & Plant Health Care

arbor care

Arbor CareTrees are the anchor and cornerstone of any landscape. Protecting and caring for their health and beauty is what our team of certified arborists does best. And because tree care is more than just trimming trees, our approach includes helping you understand how trees work in concert with other plants, managing the associated risks and costs of your trees and ensuring that you receive the full aesthetic, economic, psychological and social benefits of your trees.

Wherever trees are present, people, property and activities are at risk of injury, damage or disruption. As a tree gets older and larger, it is also more likely to shed branches or develop decay or other defects that can increase the likelihood for failure.

It is not possible to eliminate all risks associated with trees. However, at RGS, our ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessors can help you reduce potential risks to a reasonable level.

Tree risk assessment can be used for two reasons. One is to be proactive by identifying high-risk situations before accidents occur and then recommending action so that damage to property or people can be avoided. Second, we want to assure our clients that the structural integrity of their trees is reasonable and within their threshold for acceptable risk.

Plant Health Care

Arbor CarePlants are also a vital component of any landscape. As they compete with trees, shrubs, and ground cover for water and nutrients, they can also suffer from dead branches and leaves, rotting, spotting, disease, or decay. Plant health care involves the preservation and enhancement of each plant, preventative treatment, and working closely with our certified arborists. If the general health of your plants is proactively maintained each season, they will be less predisposed to future problems and stress.

Because the nurturing of each individual plant influences the health of every other plant in the landscape, consulting with an arborist who will work within your budget and help to achieve your landscaping goals is key. Plant health care is designed to meet the individual needs of each client to monitor and improve the health of the plants in your landscape as well as the landscape’s overall aesthetic value. Our arborists are certified to detect, monitor, and treat problems as they occur.